Schützenstrasse 14
CH-3097 Liebefeld







Covid-19 Sound-Text-Check. Phone Booth Mic No. 1:
Inspiration Meeting
We invite you to record yourself, using the mic installed in the phone booth
adjacent to gepard14, and share words or sounds that for you denote the Covid-19 experience.
Some of your recorded voices will be incorporated into Out of The Cage,
A Time Capsule Soundscape, which we are currently working on.

27.2.2021  17:30-18:30
28.2.2021  13:30-14:30





Open Windows im Kunstraum gepard14

Am Samstag 20.Februar 14 Uhr spielen

Avital Cohen Flöte & Andreas Marti Cembalo

bei offenem Fenster

Musik von Bach, Vivaldi & weiteren Komponisten

Der Musik kann von draussen gelauscht werden